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What is light therapy?
Light therapy consists of exposure to specific wavelengths of light to stimulate beneficial cellular responses, increasing circulation and activating the body's release of nitric oxide.

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Quantum Light Events

Join renowned guest speaker, Dr. Luis Romero for 4 events in Puerto Rico as he explains the science and history of light therapy and how In Light Wellness Systems LED Light Therapy can benefit your health and vitality in 2013!

Puerto Rico - June 20 Puerto Rico - June 21

Light Reference Library

We continue to collect research and information about the benefits of light therapy.


New Products Coming Soon

We're working on bringing you new products and more light sessions soon. Stay tuned!


The Complete Equine Light System

Accurate, consistent results
Audible & visual indicators
Adjustable for different conditions
All digital circuitry!


Scanning a Horse

This video shows a horse being scanned while the Head Therapy Unit (“Happy Hat”) is used on his head.